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The work contained within this section of the website was completed by the Fire Space Needs Committee (FSNC).  This has been posted on the website strictly for record keeping and archival purposes only.   


As part of the space needs study, existing conditions assessments were completed at the Milton Fire Headquarters, East Milton Firehouse, and the Atherton Street Firehouse.  The results found that each building does not meet the space or operational needs of a 21st century fire department.

The images below highlight the findings at each fire station.  For a full description of the existing conditions assessment, please click here for the 2016 Space Needs Study.


The Milton Fire Headquarters is located at 515 Canton Avenue, directly behind the Town Hall.  The facility was originally constructed in 1878 and has since had 2 additions, the last in 1987.  


The East Milton Firehouse is located at 525 Adams Street.  The facility was constructed in 1952 and has received minimal renovations since.


The Atherton Street Firehouse is more than 100 years old, originally constructed in 1901.  Similarly to the previous fire stations, this firehouse does not efficiently support the operations of the Milton Fire Department.

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